Anthony Fung

Anthony Fung is the PI of the project. He is a professor in the School of Journalism and Communication at the Chinese Univeristy of Hong Kong. His research interest covers creative industries and popular culture. He completed many surveys as well as qualitative studies in HK and China. Mainly working from a political economy perspective, his previous University Grants Council funded projects have generated a (Chinese-language) book on the development of HK’s pop music industries, one on HK’s film industries, a coauthored book with Michael Keane and articles on television industries in Asia and the global media in China. As regards game research, he has been studying online gaming communities and published articles in this field since 2003. These studies approach games from the perspective of consumption in addition to the political economy approach. The PI actively participates in the field of cultural industry studies in China. He was a guest editor of a special issue in the CSSI journal, Chinese Cultural Industry Forum (a journal managed by the National Cultural Industries Innovation and Development Research Base and funded by the Ministry of Culture). The Head of the Research Base is well connected to creative industries figures and most importantly, to high-level officials overseeing the creative industries. He can arrange for us to conduct interviews with game relevant officials in China. Besides, The PI also has ample experience conducting policy studies. He was a Co-I of a Public Policy Grant of the UGC, one that studies HK’s film industry. He also served as an investigator or consultant in various government and semi-government funded studies. For example, he was one of the PIs in the Baseline Survey on Gender Equality (commissioned by the Equal Opportunity Commission) in 1996-1997 and he was a consultant for the research on Public Attitudes Towards the Television Announcements in the Public Interest Series on “Our Home, Our Country” TV Series (commissioned by the Home Affairs Bureau) in 2007.

For his profle and publications, please visit the School website.

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