Game Policy Study in China

From left to right: Liu Yusu (Peking Univ), Kou Xiaowei (Secretary of Technology and Digital Publication of the State Office of Press and Publications), Anthony Fung and Iris Guan

From left to right: Liu Yusu (Peking Univ), Tuo Zuhai (Vice-Director, Secretary of Cultural Market of the Ministry of Culture), Anthony Fung and Iris Guan

With collaboration with Animation and Game Research Center of the Cultural Industry Research Office of Peking University, we conducted focus groups and in-depth interviews with senior management of game industries, game associations, and different government bodies to explore the game policy in China and its implication for Hong Kong creative industries.

The study started in July 2011 and finished in December 2011. It covers the cultural policy in six different regions/ levels:
(1) National Policy and Beijing
(2) Yangtze Delta Area and Shanghai
(3) Pearl Delta Area, Shumzhen and Guangzhou
(4) Wuhan Area
(5) Xian Area
(6) Chengdu and South-western Regions

In the end, we completed 59 interviews in the format of interviews and focus group.

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