Comparative Game Market and Cultural Policy Study

There are ongoing fieldworks conducted in NE in Asia (Korea and Japan), SE Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam), Australia, Europe and the US. Local researchers with assistants are conducting interviews and collecting data on game market and cultural policy of the countries/ cities.

Fieldwork in South Korea was conducted on May 12-15, 2012 and and October 25-29, 2012. Kocca (Korean Creative Content Agency, the government body responsible for the regulation and management of all the creative industries), game desginer from NCSoft and academics were interviewed. We went to various cybercafes in different districts for observations and interviewed some players.

Korea Creative Content Agency

Korea Creative Content Agency

Fieldwork in Singapore was conducted on June 19-23, 2012. MDA (Media Development Authority, the government body responsible for regulation of all media in Singapore), game companies including Keio Singapore and Nacobandai were interviewed.

Fieldwork in Vietnam was conducted on August 6-11, 2012. We interviewed independent game companies and game companies which helped post-production of American games and animation.

Fieldwork in Malaysia was conducted on October 19-24, 2012. We interviewed related Malaysian Government offices on creative industries. We were invited to Cyberjaya, a technological park for meeting different officials. We also interviewed Chinese developers and distributors in Kuala Lumpur.

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