Research Objectives


1. To design cultural policies for developing and regulating HK’s game industries: the major foci include industrial development policies, industrial regulations, gamer rights protection legislation, policies of virtual-world governance, models of virtual property taxation, and formal business agreements with the Chinese government.

2. To design business strategies for developing local game companies into successful creative industries: the major foci include game production models, distribution and marketing strategies, strategies of cultivating and recruiting creative labor, models of virtual-world management, and development of niche markets such as educational and public games for China.

3. To investigate the market implications of China and Asia for HK’s game industries through factors including political economy, business models, management structure, partnership, creative labor, content creation and localization.

4. To examine potential social and cultural issues of gaming in HK: the focus is to help design practical policies that balance between developing the game industries and containing the negative social effects of games.

5. To explore strategies of integrating the game industries into HK’s existing creative clusters, given the potential synergies between games and relevant creative and cultural industries (music, film, TV, fashion, design, advertising, and the virtual property industries).



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