Shijingshan Science Park Office

Multiple and interdisciplinary methods will be used to collect data that can help us achieve the four major objectives of this project. The methods include organizational analysis (political economy), textual analysis of game contents (media studies), questionnaire survey of gamers (sociology), participant observation (anthropology), and policy analysis. The research will be carried out in six phases within 48 months.

  • Phase I: Collecting background data from secondary documentary sources
  • Phase II: Data collection on the game industries in HK and China
  • Phase III: Data Collection on gamers, game contents, and game consumption in HK and China
  • Phase IV: Data collection on game industries and markets in South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Australia, Europe, and the US
  • Phase V: Comparative analysis of data on game industries and markets
  • Phase VI: Follow-up data collection and writing-up of academic papers

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