Key objectives:
• Given the increasing prominence of game industry and cases of success in many Asian countries, this project will examine the opportunities of the Hong Kong game industry, in particular, in the China and Asian markets.
• The project will examine the major issues and challenges of the local game industry, including its potential social effects, and then propose possible regulations, cultural policies and strategies for development.
• Given that the ever-increasing crossover between game industry and other local related creative industries (music, film and new media industries), the project also proposes strategies for the development of the entire creative industry in Hong Kong.

Major deliverables:
• The project will contribute to the knowledge about the development of the game and other related creative industries in Hong Kong and regulatory frameworks of cultural policy based on a comparative analysis of the policies in China, Asian and western countries in which game and creative industries have become significant elements in their GDP growth.
• The project will conduct in-depth interviews with key stakeholders in the game industry in Hong Kong, China and other Asian countries (e.g. Korea). It will also conduct interviews with policymakers, professional bodies and scholars in those countries (e.g. Japan and Korea) where cultural policies and regulations are taking shape. The project will also systematically interview potential game users in Hong Kong and China to explore the market potential, social effects and trend.
• The project will produce a policy report which proposes a framework of policy and regulations for the Hong Kong game industry and also formulates strategies for the local game industry to enter China, Asian and other markets.
• The project will hold a conference to discuss the cultural policy of game industry with scholars in different parts of the world, and a workshop to disseminate the findings of the study along with various presentations and publications in various conferences/journals.

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