Research Plan

Game Arcade in Japan

The proposed project will last for 4 years from July 2010 to June 2014. There are six phrases in the project. Research reports and policy reports will be expected to come out in the second year. In the second year, we plan to release a preliminary report on Hong Kong game industry and the socio-cultural effects of gaming in a press conference. In the third year, we will release part of our game market data on HK and China. An international academic conference on comparative cultural policy of game industries will be held in the third year, with the participation of the project’s international research team and other international scholars. In the fourth year, we will disseminate a preliminary cultural policy report in a public workshop in which invited business players, professional bodies, officials, and scholars can raise comments and suggestions. Additionally, the PI and Co-Is will present their findings in international conferences and publish them in academic journals throughout the project’s duration.

For details of the timeline, please visit the following:

  • Phrase I
  • Phrase II
  • Phrase III
  • Phrase VI
  • Phrase V
  • Phrase VI

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